Volume 5, Issue 4                                                 December 11, 2020

Dr. C. Craig Tisher

From the Director's Desk:

Thoughts of a Weed Puller

Our fall plant sale was a great success despite the many uncertainties we faced during the planning stage and up to the time of the event. We thank all of you who supported the sale, both on-line and in person. Because there was concern that we would not be able to hold the usual two-day sale at the gardens, we greatly expanded our usual pre-order opportunity for camellias by offering a large selection of azaleas and other interesting plants grown locally by Tropic Traditions. …


Dr. Charles Guy

Human Health & Plants Research: Hiding in Plain Sight - Meta-analyses of Published Research Studies Strengthen the Evidence Supporting the Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

Millions of gardeners extol the health benefits of gardening. Not unexpectedly, hundreds if not thousands of scientific studies, mostly observational, qualitative, not randomly controlled, and many with small numbers of participants have reported favorable outcomes resulting from gardening treatment interventions. Yet, individually, most of these studies have been insufficient to conclusively establish a robust scientific basis or determine the magnitude of the curative or restorative power accruing from such people-plant treatments. ...


Leah Diehl

Under the Glass: News from the Greenhouse

Thanks to Covid-19, there is not a lot of news to report in terms of the greenhouse or therapeutic horticulture program. While we are anxious to get programming started again, we don’t know yet when that will happen. In the meantime, thought I could share information on some techniques we use in our program. …



History and Update on the FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional Tutoring Program at Wilmot Botanical Gardens

The therapeutic benefits of gardening on cognition have been suggested in several studies across a range of populations including the elderly and those displaying cognitive impairments.


Persis Desai

Volunteer Spotlight: Persis Desai

Volunteer Persis Desai first heard of Wilmot Botanical Gardens (WBG) during her freshman year when her Introduction to Plant Science course instructor, Erin Alvarez, took students on a tour of the grounds and greenhouse here. It was at this time that Persis also learned of the therapeutic horticulture program offered at WBG. Although she knew she was interested in a …


The white camellia became a symbol of support for women's right to vote in New Zealand in the late 19th century.

Camellias in bloom!

'Allie Gordy'

'Betty Ridley'


'Shibori Egao'

'Stephanie Golden'


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