Volume 4, Issue 2                                                             June 4, 2019

From the Director's Desk:

Thoughts of a Weed Puller

The 2018-2019 academic year at UF will have drawn to a close by the time you receive this newsletter. What follows is a brief report describing many of the activities that have occurred during the past nine months in the Wilmot Botanical Gardens. Even the name of the gardens has changed with the addition of the descriptor “botanical.” The last …


Forty-two new camellia cultivars were registered by the American Camellia Society in 2018. Of the 42, eight originated from the former Gordy camellia garden located in Ocala, Florida. They include Elizabeth Harris, Marie Barnes, Mary Beth Busbee, Mary Perdue, Shirley Miller, Virginia Maddox, Phillip's Choice, and Jimmy Carter.

TH Veterans Group

Therapeutic Horticulture Program for Veterans Going Strong After Seven Years

In 2011, the Wilmot Botanical Gardens (WBG) redeveloped its mission to include patient care, research and education. Shortly thereafter, as part of this expanded initiative, the therapeutic horticulture (TH) program was launched in 2012 under the direction of master level horticultural therapist, Leah Diehl. The practice of TH is accepted as a beneficial and effective therapeutic modality that is used …


Human Health & Plants Research:

Might Residential Greenness During Childhood Lower Risk of Psychiatric Disorders?

Researchers in Denmark wanted to know if the amount of greenery surrounding residences from the time of birth to age ten would influence the relative risk of the onset of psychiatric disorders in adolescence and into adulthood. They would need two vast data sets to arrive at an answer. The Danish Civil Registration System either contains or links to information on …


Under the Glass:

News from the Greenhouse

Last week our therapeutic horticulture sessions came to an end for the summer. Although we miss our weekly sessions with each group, the greenhouse is too hot in the summer for participants to spend a lot of time in so we take a break and look forward to starting again in September. I’ll spend the summer building some courses for …


What's in bloom?

Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata'

Variegated shell Ginger is an herbaceous perennial that is commonly used in the landscape for its interesting foliage and shell-like flowers.


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