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Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are an integral part of the garden’s history and contribute to every aspect of our operations. We depend on our dedicated volunteers to help us maintain and beautify the gardens. Complete our volunteer form here: to sign up today.

Therapeutic Horticulture: Helping People Live Better Lives

Dr. Taylor Clem, the Alachua County Environmental and Community Horticulture Extension agent, meets with Wilmot Botanical Gardens’ director of therapeutic horticulture, Leah Diehl, to discuss the therapeutic horticulture program, how the program benefits its participants and ongoing research efforts. Listen here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Shelby Kucharski

In the summer of 2020 when junior Shelby Kucharski first began volunteering at the Wilmot Botanical Gardens, she was not familiar with this unique green space nestled near the east edge of the University of Florida’s main campus. Indeed, she had only just learned of its existence when…