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Tips from the Toolshed: A Gardener’s M.O.

And Now, the Cycle Begins Again Spring is a time in the garden for running about trying to get everything done, and I mean everything. After a few wintry spells below 30 degrees, suddenly, all your plants are growing at once—and here come the weeds! Not that we didn’t…

Tips from the Toolshed: A Gardener’s M.O.

Mild Winter Means Year ‘Round Gardening   I usually start fall semesters in a bit of a bind because I didn’t get enough student volunteers over the summer to help me weed. This semester everybody came back, and I do mean everybody. We had so many volunteers that the…

Therapeutic Horticulture: Helping People Live Better Lives

Dr. Taylor Clem, the Alachua County Environmental and Community Horticulture Extension agent, meets with Wilmot Botanical Gardens’ director of therapeutic horticulture, Leah Diehl, to discuss the therapeutic horticulture program, how the program benefits its participants and ongoing research efforts. Listen here.