Therapeutic Horticulture Program

The Greenhouse at Wilmot Botanical Gardens

The Greenhouse at Wilmot Botanical Gardens is dedicated to therapeutic horticulture programming for groups with special needs. The program is based on the belief that an active connection with plants and nature can be a restorative experience and have a profound effect on quality of life. Within a greenhouse and garden environment the program seeks to decrease stress and mental fatigue, boost self-esteem and self-efficacy, and provide community, creativity, and optimism. Program participation is also extended to caregivers in many groups.

If you are interested in attending a program or would like more information, contact Leah Diehl, Director of Therapeutic Horticulture, at or (352) 294-5003. Or complete the inquiry form.

Program Affiliations & Sponsors

Many of the therapeutic horticulture programs are affiliated with or funded by local organizations, national foundations and/or private donors.

  • Cancer Group – Sponsored by Climb for Cancer Foundation
  • Florida Recovery Center Group – Affiliated with the UF Health Florida Recovery Center
  • MHICM Veterans Group (Veterans Affairs) – Sponsored by the B. J. and Eve Wilder Family Foundation, Inc., and affiliated with the Veterans Affairs Mental Health Intensive Case Management program
  • Women Veterans Group – Sponsored by the B. J. and Eve Wilder Family Foundation, Inc.

Therapeutic Horticulture Programming Inquiry

Complete the form below if you are interested in enrolling in a therapeutic horticulture program or scheduling a private session.